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bmw e60 999km

hello, i change in dash km and in cas 10000 in cluster 130k, and mileage jumped to 999999km? soldering good, calculate good, read by upa erase, change writte m35080vp.. ideas? please
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did you try to erase the 35080?
Work hard
Play harder
Thanks given by: samux
Solder again 35080
35080 any time Damage need to replace ;-)
Thanks given by: samux
(06-01-2018, 02:57 AM)AutoHaus786 Wrote: did you try to erase the 35080?

just one time, erasse, upload dump change bytes and writte.. do it again..?

for first time it shows 996254, after that i look at cas but set is 129500, after that set to 10000, and then is 999999 in dash, read dash but its ok, no errors read or writte dash..with upa
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rewrite original but might need new chip if its VP[/i]
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yes its vp, but why need new, there are no errors read writte or verify, its so easy crash..?
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in cas need to do 000km and connect the cas after have made change in cluster

not before.
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(06-01-2018, 10:55 AM)ladadens Wrote: in cas need to do 000km and connect the cas after have made change in cluster

not before.

first i change cas after dash connect both to the car and then connect battery in cas and dash after9999 bytes not changed, same that i writte, its ok eeprom from e46 if i clear it and writte e60 dump?

its 35080 but not vp..? maybe eeprom fault but i can read it..
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