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cant get delphi drivers to install.any help?

I had delphi,wurth wow 5.00.4 5.00.8 etc on my laptop working ok.
However I cannot connect to anything & think its a driver issue.Im running win7 64bit.I had it all working but for somereason it wont now.
Every time i try this:
Install VCP drivers 1st from ftdi.they show as succesfully installed,but when i connect to vci & car with ignition on, it has yellow exclamation mark next to usb.nothing in com ports.
I had this problem before & managed to fix it but cannot remember how to now.does anyone have any advice or guidance as going crazy now & its below freezing here in scotland & cant feel fingers anymore.thanks
ps:every time i try to install driver i get usb malfunctioned or code 10
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