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cheverlet 2500hd remote problem

Today i try to program remote for 2006 2500hd .
it enter in program accepts the remote and program. but when i open and close the door.i lock the car and come outside then i press the lock and unlock button both didnt work.
i think antenna is problem.what you guys think about it.Also where is the location of the antenna and receiver location.
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Receiver is the passenger door module and has internal antenna.

You sure you followed the programming properly?
DO NOT PM me asking for help with files.
Post your questions in the forum, that is what it is here for.
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I program these cars never have this type of issue.may be my luck never face this issue.
it confirm the remote fob program.
i doubt the receiver or bcm.
Thx for quick reply.

1)insert key.
2) hold the unlock button.
3) cycle key off to on twice release unlock button and the hold the lock and unlock button.
4) door will cycle to confirm the car in programing mood.
5)press and hold the lock and unlock buttons of remote fob.
6) door lock cycle again to confirm remote get program.
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How are you seeing that the remote programs?? Are the locks cycling??

If so it sounds like an issue with the passenger door module.. It's not remembering the fobs.. I swear I remember a reprogram around that year for something like that, might have been to 'unlock' a module when it's frozen, then reprogram it to prevent it from locking up again, not really matching your concern though..
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