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cracked UUSP UPA USB Serial Programmer v1.3.0.14

No one can give me the activation ?
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(08-05-2017, 05:21 PM)Nany01 Wrote: No one can give me the activation ?

sorry to bump this post, but you need to follow intructions in post 37. i got the uupa 1.3 clone RED running well within seconds. no need for activation just follow and you will be fine. managed to read and wirte jaguar mcu hc11ks8 with these file posted. good luck mate.
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hello mates here is my id 7F70-51C4-E9D6-BC0B-E8B4-275B-9A3D-4D20
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Hello, mates.
Windows 7 x32
What the f*ck: software start normaly, licence OK, and when I connect UPA programmer to USB port I see activation windows with HW ID etc.
Can somebody help me?
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(02-24-2014, 03:48 PM)megasosio Wrote: I test in various china upas interfaces and the interface that not block and dont need any modding and any eeprom is red one.

I test in 2 red upas whit (software from china)and works perfect. The only thing to bypass the reg is run soft and then connect upa to usb and when ask for registration not write nothing, only click accept and run ok.

If someone need help ask me.(Its free)
Pls help me bypass red upa reg magasosio

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