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diagun corrupt

Wonder if any one can help me seems my Diagunshow program is corrupt
cant get it to work no problem installing a up date but when I go to try and run one of the car files it tells me it dont match the interface serial
perhaps someone can help me out with new files for my diagun
here is the serial number

The one I have is chinese clone.

thank you stu
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Only you have to do is to search if there's upgrades for your serial in google
If you do not find it then you have to buy it
No one will pay for upgrades and then to give you for free
One time upgrades in china it is arround 120-180USD
But first of all before purchasing the upgrades you have to be sure that that one you post it here it is the right S/N of your smartbox
To be sure try to connect to a car and you'll see for 3 second on screen the right S/N
Good luck
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hi, i have same number and i try to find update 980540110800 thx
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