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edc17c41 bmw 320xd ecu
hello all, i have problem with one friend stopped the car and then he cant start we were finding problem and finnaly we found problem , that mosfet on ecu was fired, so we bought another one ecu, wrote full backup to new ecu,car started and after 2km test drive everything seemed to be ok so we stopped car at gas station tried to start agaian but without result, car will not start anymore..on diag it shows dtc 4b94 activation injectors i think new ecu fired up again.. so .i think that there will be problem with one injector which is shorted...but i dont want to buy new ecu at now, i want to try change mosfet on ecu because i can connect diag with car so i think that ecu is ok only mosfet transistor is fired up there somebody who can help me identifty this type of transistor? because its fired i dont know the part number of him ...thank you so much., or if somebody have hig res photo of ecu.. ecu is edc17c41 ...0 281 016 175... dde 8 506 566-01 thanks so much[Image: ecu.jpg]

i think thats it should be this one
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