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free Honda ectune files for mhh members

hi. i cant give much help to you guys here because i am started to teach about other car electronic ,but i can make custom map for honda cars from 90 to 2001 years, engines from 1.4 to 2.2 ccm. i have licenced program ectune, so i cant share it, but i can make custom tuned map, if someone will need it. thats is all that i can help you guys. Respect for all for helping each other.049 regards from Slovenija
Thanks given by: Acidboy , diagnostix
can you share the software?
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If you read his post you will see that he says " I have licenced program ectune, so i can't share it,"

So why do you ask?

Just be happy that he will make you a free tune if you want one.
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sorry, I didn't read it properly.
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