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help!!! ML350 M276.821 engine problem, without pressure for cyl.No.6

Dear sirs,

Help me please!
Recently I have a very strange problem for my ML 350 engine M276.821. VIN  WDCDA6CB4EA371950 The initial customer complaint was engine check lamp on, we found  both  camshaft adjusters faulty. We changed both of them(LEFT SIDE ) together with exhaust camshaft(LEFT SIDE) and clean the carbon of ALL valves.  Strange thing now happeded, we found the engine was very unstable after we completed everything, misfiring for cyl.No 6.  Further more cyl.6 without pressure at all.   We checked ererything, still cannot find the faulty. Timing WAS ok(40 degrees after TDC, BOTH 4mm lines align the edge of the cyl.head.), all valves ok, piston rings(gas and oil rings are OK) . We opened the cyl,head cover, turned the crankshaft, We could pressurize the when the valves were closed. We start the engine, pressure for cyl. No. 6  gone. Help me please.
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hello in the end what happened
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