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is it possible to export diagnostic data from DAS instead of printing?

as in subject.
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I believe that versions past 07_2012 data can be exported to USB, however I have never done it, but read about the process while checking the blue i on he desk top and searching!! The change was also on one of the recent infor CD that comes with the monthly release.
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(04-18-2013, 05:20 PM)chriz74 Wrote: as in subject.

What kind of data are you trying to export??? You can print to file, then use SDExplorer and put it on a USB stick or review it... all the "print to file" prints are stored in the USERDATA folder somewhere. Smile

Remember the THANKS and + buttons if this helps you... It just makes me feel good
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I mean the dat of HHTWIN, i printed the screens but they are unreadable, black on black.
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