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is it possible to get mechanical key code from VIN for audi?


next week i am going to collect a car wich i want to buy from insurance without keys. i can order a key from the dealer but it will be 200euros and if the car is shit then my 200euros are lost. the car is 1100 km from my place so i want to check the car and take it with me in one go. so my intention is to make a cheap transponderless key just to unlock the ignition.

since the car has no key, and the steering is locked in the outer left position it will be almost impossible to get the car on my trailer.

So my question is, is there someone on this forum who has acces to this kind of info? my dutch dealer can't give me the code, only order keys.

if it is possible i can send vin via DM
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A dealer can get key code from vin but will not want to give you this. Many tools can get pin code from eobd but this will not give you cutting code. You can pick the lock with a Lishi pick if you have the skill or you can get a locksmith local to the car to come out and help you. I think locksmith is your best option as can pick and decode the lock and they make key/s and code to immo so you can start the car.
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Dealer will sure for sure be cheaper than locksmith for Audi with all keys lost!!
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