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kia sprotage 2006 engine starts and stops after few sec.

i have problem with kia sportage 2.0 diesel edc16 2006,
engine starts for few sec. and stops, fuel pressure meets requirements,
there are no errors, only problem is that I cant connect to immobiliser(but i`m not sure is it immo fault or my diag tool)

Can it be immo problem or should i look somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!
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(08-12-2019, 12:36 PM)wodorof Wrote: Hola,
tengo un problema con el kia sportage 2.0 diesel edc16 2006, el
motor arranca durante unos segundos. y se detiene, la presión de combustible cumple con los requisitos,
no hay errores, el único problema es que no puedo conectarme al inmovilizador (pero no estoy seguro de si es un error de inmo o mi herramienta de diagnóstico)

¿Puede ser un problema de inmo o debería buscar en otro lugar?

¡Gracias por adelantado!
Check water sensor,ckp  need more informaciones for this car motor,
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temp sensor works fine, engine reads rpm so I assume that ckp is working,
engine is D4EA on 0 281 013 420, 39114-27345 ecu

egr stuck open
Thanks given by: vlad33
when starting or conducting sensor wire vibration ckp
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Messure fuel return om top og injectors, often problem
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