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kts bosch 570 flashing red color

hi guys
i have problem with kts 570 GRIS COLOR
can't connect with cars and always red light flashing
any help
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any help
red light flashing and green light is off......;....
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Dear problem With Firmware.

You need do update firmware.

There are 2 ways

1. contact Bosch Dealer
2. Find last Firmware
Thanks given by: hafido1983
where i can find this fireware....?
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(03-29-2017, 03:18 AM)hafido1983 Wrote: where i can find this fireware....?

When You Install last CD/DVD rom that bosch send to you..

You need to insert Your code For the packet then It will be Install Automatically.
When it finish
you can connect KTS, The first Run, the Firmware Will be Intsall
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doesn't work i format pc and i install new version but still same thing red light flashing..
any help please
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It can be problem on the printplate of your kts.
Some years ago i had the same.
Its simpel to open it, Look first by the connection of the kabel.
A little solderwork and till now it works fine for me.
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i open it and see all connector cables are ok...

any help who had same problem
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