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odometer correction for american vehicles.

Hello and thank you for taking time to read my post. I am in the United States and looking to import some vehicles from Canada for sale here. Only Problem is will need to swap instrument clusters from kmh to mph. What is the best tool to reprogram odometers for american trucks as well as import vehicles for accomplishing this task. I do realize that more than one tool may be needed here. I appreciate everybody's input thanks.
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There is a lot of tools some of cheap some expensive here is some like obdstar and digimaster carprog and more.

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There is no tool for changing from Km to Mi or vice versa, you need to read the eeprom/processor files and modify them manually. Nobody is going to share the magic bytes to modify to accomplish this task. Each one takes many hours of comparing, modifying dumps, and testing.

Best all around programmer for reading eeproms/processors would have to be UPA USB for the price.

Easier to just replace the cluster.
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