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offer moderator !!!

to gain knowledge
training required
I have come to learn and gain knowledge
subsequently share
you know everything?
you be born a professor?
I always say thank you
if it is not stolen
if it's yours
increasingly say thanks for what is already
just changed the name
do you like it?
be polite Handshake
let's reputation Fing32
Thanks given by: 153771739
Good day!
I do not have a teacher education ...
And I do not like to teach ... I would say more - I do not even have the authority to teach ...
But I like to solve difficult problems ...
Together - it's easier to find a solution ...
If all come to the table only with spoons - all be hungry ... )))
Everyone should bring some food - then the dinner table would be full ... )))
And all who go out from the dinner table - say thanks ... )))
I think - is not the place to learning ...
Any automotive courses ..., or "education" section on the websites of car manufacturers ...
More than 95% will be ask money ...
But - learning consistently and methodically ... From simple to complex ...
Practice will give efficiency ...
I think - here practice ... And completion of missing manuals and software ...
In any case ... Do not try to change this site ... Accept it as it is ...
Best regards,
I'm not trying change this site !!! 533
I'm trying to avoid false !!! Headbang Headbang Headbang Angry 118
training 39 ....... our whole life is learning Fing32Kolo

(10-06-2014, 12:47 AM)chestertech Wrote: before offering anything share something, at least ur knowledge about something not mentioned already here on forum

should be shared
but not to extort votes Cheer2 Cheer2 Cheer2
be polite Handshake
let's reputation Fing32
Thanks given by: volvo85
(10-06-2014, 12:35 AM)skunk Wrote:
(10-04-2014, 03:54 PM)skunk Wrote: you forgot to see
that all of these users simply duplicate messages
and then just requirement give thanks
forum there are people who I helped and did not require a button press.

must be repeated many times?

Leaving a negative feedback For reason of retaliation DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD moreover you just concluded as of now of which i have advised you before via PM
It just shows too me that you are a troll
Just follow 2 or 3 simple step for a future
1st step denial
2nd step acknowledgement
3rd step improving
Toooooo many questions not enough feedbacks, please don't contact me via PM it's best to post on forum for others to help as well
Thanks given by: kamaleon , Yudi , 153771739 , volvo85
1 made a mistake
2 corrected
3 you're talking about revenge?
4 are you doing now
it is not troling ?
I debriefing people's opinions fraud

at the same time I see a solid troling from you

No one has written on the subject
be polite Handshake
let's reputation Fing32
Thanks given by: 153771739 , volvo85

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