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op com v1.59 china clone no comunication interface

help me? drv ok no cominication veichle...
thank you.

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If you are looking closer you'll see that your vci it is using a fake MCU.
Try using it with opcom china clone 2010 software.
Or check if your driver version it is v2.8.xx if you are usin vauxcom 120309a or the fakes versions 120309a+131223 or 120309a+160115a
If you are try this in win 10 then check on youtube how to solve the driver issues
If you alrwady did a firmware upgrade then yiu blocked the MCU
If it doesn't works after all of this then you can do a search in google how to change the MCU with a real one and which are the steps that  you need to do to fix it.
If you haven't skills in that then you need to buy a new tool. But as in china almost all opcom's that they sell are use this fakes MCU's 
If you are using the Search button you will see that we was talked many times about this issues and how to solve it if you have skills to do it
Good luck
Thanks given by: Bob the builder , albverg69
thank you...
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