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prizing for Service or work done

good day to all
i  got a lot of free stuff on MHHauto and also get a lot of good pay service:
in the past i have always try to negotiate with seller with prize that i think is too high, but now i will never ever question anyone rate or prizing for they service or goods
because when I finish a job i need my full pay so if i hired someone i must also give to them full pay

but what i come to understand is that one dollar is just a dollar in every man country:
i was offer heavy duty technician position  in the Cayman island with a rate that was unbelievable to me because i was comparing  it to my local currency
but when i move to the island and start to work i find myself living a far lower standard of life with this new salary  because on the island everything was far way more expensive compare to where i come from;
 so i return home with a different frame of mind:
so if someone in say china is charging 50usd for file and someone in the USA is charging 500usd for a file  Maybe they are both honest good standard man

but international this is going to cause problem because everybody are going to buy this file from china even the customer from USA....................

its confusing
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