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problem read eis mercedes w209 with vvdi prog

I was going to program a new key mercedes w209. I tried to read eis with vvdi prog. I did not make it. I put it back in the car. does not work. does not react. reference 2095453308.

how can I solve?
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you must to read eep and flash and to check that it's they damaged. If yes, then write new, make ECU virgin and ESL virgin. Re-write keys and adapt all together.
The Best or Nothing!
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vvdio prog have read out eis`?you choose right eis version and processor type?
wich tool you use for add keys?
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i have vvdi prog and vvdi mb tool

the model is a zgw (st12)

Tried to read with vvdi prog with adapter w209 zgw. unsuccessfully. I soldered the wires to no avail.

I can not read.

how do i sync a used one ...
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pic of the eis?
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Ref Mercedes 

209 545 33 08


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anyone with any ideas?
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You soldered the coxial black and white opposite

Soldered the coxial black and white opposite
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yes, wire black.

I could read. the eprom is empty.

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