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purple, red or blue


i am in the mood to spend some money on a ktag 7.026!
I am sorry for this kind of question which might have been asked alot before.

Are the eu clones all the same? I mean there is a project from somewhere and one builds a pcb and get it running with sw/fw. The others do the same, on is a ripoff from another...

Its only a matter of time, days or weaks to see chinese ones with new firmware too.

So is the difference more in support, cable quality, stickers, and pricing or what is your personal opinion.

Which to buy?

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If need free wait until firmware will be posted here on forum. If you need it now to do newer cars will be payed itself after a few cars no mather what version you buy.
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Just buy only NXP+SD and GENUINE slave pcb... Or if you want to go with CLONE you can go with chinese as good, i paid 850euro for purple clone with no reset no support, so my money is wasted and that is last clone for me.
If want to buy eu clone i would go with RED CP2010/Car-Prog! He is professional and have the most knowledge on his OWN PRODUCT.
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I have not tried blue or purple. But I'm very satisfied with red from cp2010!
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