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scn calculator

Hi, somebody has scn coding calculator? thanks
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(07-03-2013, 10:13 PM)mariusz971 Wrote: Hi, somebody has scn coding calculator? thanks

Something like that does not exist.
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somebody can help me with coding string ? please
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Up to now there is no personal SCN code generator----Only Ms Daimler can help you. Alternatively develope a friend at a dealership who can request the online codes for you.

FYI we are all in the same boat or junk or skiff!!

PS: look in the selling Box someone just posted that he can get\gererate SCN codes--caviet emptar!!
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scn coding only teamviewer...
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I'm working on an offline SCN DAS inspecting this, but it is only working on 2009 vehicle, while XENTRY is looking for an SCN offline option while creating a limited PASSWORD on the XENTRY PASSWORD GENERATOR and FDOK GENERATOR. Share your knowledge about it. sorry my bad english.
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