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small problem after update to etka 8.1
hi all,

i have recently done my usual monthly updates on etka using updater by krosik.    

when etka was updating it said that version 8.1 was available and would i like to install,  so as you do i said yes.  i now have etka 8.1 fully updated and it works fine.

my problem is an odd one to me, ONLY when etka is running my mouse cursor go from being a solid arrow to constantly flickering / flashing with the spinning blue circle.

if i move the cursor to the left hand side to select a different manufacturer vw/seat/skoda/audi and place the cursor over a manufacturer the cursor becomes a stable hand pointer.

the cursor will flicker on all programs when etka is loaded, once i close etka my cursor goes back to normal.

this has only happened since the update.

any ideas guys.
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I have not updated to 8.1 yet, would you let me know what do you use window version?

There are some problems appeared after other programs software upgraded, not data update,
so I have updated only data to 1246 on Windows7 32bit version, no problems.
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