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sq5 audi 7t6 mmi 3gp stuck

i have mmi stiucked in update firmware audi sq5 mmi 3gp 7t6

first i started update to  HN+R_EU_AU_K0942
i tryed to load maps but didnt accept some thing went wrong
did firmware loading again with all markes manually on y it begin to update now it stucks on update 9 off 16
and mmi is not responsing got error 150 only thing i can do is restart it and it keeps saying
error also tryed to restart with ori firmware but keeps saying error 150 combistyle

is there something i can do it looks like its hanging

need help im stuck two
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HN+R_EU_AU_K0942 is firmware for Q3 A6 A7 A8 , not for Q5
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yes typed wrong one
got error 150 firmware is stuck cant control knobs only the big one any one a suggestion what to do?
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