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vcds 11.11 can generate DPF audi Q7 2010 ?

hi all member . VCDS 11.11 can generate DPF AUDI Q7 2011 or clear dpf ?thank
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jes it can do this.
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yes it can, it can do while driving or idle, vcds is better option, also you can reset ash counter/dpf in adaptations
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please you tell me step by step
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It depends on the soot accumilation as to whether you can perform a static regen, if it is too high you will have to do a driven regen. Follow the link in #3 to the ross-tech site everything is explained there. If the soot accumilation is above 45% VCDS will not let you perform a regen due to the risk of fire. In this case either use another software or swap the pipes around on the pressure sensor until the soot accumilation reading is below the threshold, you can see this in the MVB's using your VCDS. I hope this helps, don't forget the thanks !!
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