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vci ds150e fixed issue

My vci ds150e v3 was working fine on CAN bus but not on K-line.
I was advised to check the continuity of the connection cable between vehicle and interface. Everything was ok, problem was not there.
After researches on the subject, I checked the state of the relays and found the RE6 coil cut.
Measuring coils and normally close contacts is not a problem.
For normally open contacts, once the interface is powered up, you can energize each relay by connecting the coil negative side to the usb connector body.

Identification of relay pinouts

Initialization of a K / L line communication activates relays RE2, RE5, RE6 and RE10.

To visualize the protocols used, there are boxes with LEDs and plugs, to be connected in parallel of the OBD connector and all interfaces.

I also replaced the 5v zener diodes by 30v zener BZX85C30 but the case is a little big, better reference is ZMM30 sod-80c.
If this vci was not able to communicate with some BMW E60/61 or some heavy duty vehicles, it may have fixed the issue.
To improve the stability of K / L lines communication protocols, on v3 pcb (see v5 to v9) it is also possible to replace:
- The R701 & R708 resistors by 2.4 to 3.3 KOhm smd resistors.
- The C701 & C703 capacitors  by 5nF smd capacitors. 
- The D700 & D702 diodes by 1N5819 SMD SOD-123 schottky diodes.

In case of interface not recognized by the pc, start by checked the voltages at the AMS1117 regulator terminals, after having removed the pcb relays and powered vci.
If the output voltage is ≈ 3.3v (+ pin 2, - card reader body), connect vci to the pc to check red leds lighted.
If ok, it means that a firmware is present. It may be necessary to try several times to reload a firmware to solve the problem.
Many "if" and few answers …

After replacing the faulty relay, I have been able to interrogate calculators on K-line.

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