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volvo s40 edc16c34 on bdm
have a volvo s40 2010y bosch edc16c34 with motorolla sc667034mzp56
normaly in edc16c34 is mpc processor
how read that ecu with k-tag?
is it possible or what tool i will need to read it?
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KTag do it without problem
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(07-13-2018, 02:35 PM)MatinioIT Wrote: KTag do it without problem

but there is 4 different plug in and all for mpc if i go true volvo
if i go true protokols there shows me 2 different plug in
witch one i should pick?
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X17 read on bench without opening , im sure kess is the same , just use pinout
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if you go true make model engine then you have options
family 60
k tag plug in ford/psa p60
ford/psa p66
psa p118
ford p121
if you go true protokols edc16+volvo
family 68
k tag plug in volvo p68
volvo p113
witch is ok?
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with ktag just select one if you dont know, you will get a message if its wrong

message like: found protocol P66

then you know the right protocol Smile

good luck
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Exactly, ktag will tell you what protocol to choose
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thats right
thanks for your help lads
all sorted
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