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vw volkswagen visteon dashbord calclulation software

Hi folks,
with these software you can recalibrate mileage in vw visteon dashboars, 95160 and 95320!!

Software is tested and working 100% also crc Rauch15

for pass press thanks and rep button, then ask in topic for pass

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Thanks given by: fifii69 , kinng , MiniVera
Are you kidding? That cracked software from LuisAndre is absolutely free without any pass Big Grin
And software not 100% working, you are bad tester Smile
Thanks given by: tatyanka , Bob the builder , delimemet
ok so now it,s password free, thanks and rep pls!

I've done few dashboards and everything works fine with this calc

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Thanks given by: leshalaz , hbalazs , tatyanka , cicko1
I did 4 dumps for other people and none of them worked in every was a checksum error. Me personally do it over obd with xcan, and after process is finished is shows write km error but does the job 100% succesfull
Thanks given by:
i have done about 3 dashes and all works ok. Now i do it by obd
Thanks given by:
i have done about 3 dashes and all works ok. Are you sure you have 2.3 and 2.4 versions?? Maybe you have older version of this sw!!
Thanks given by:

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