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w205 Delphi CRD3plus

Hi guys. MB W205 2.2CDI OM651. Delphi CRD3S2 (CRD3plus.A0) ecu. 6519031746 SW. Will Kess clone work with it? It works on CRD3, CDR2 ok. And also i need tested working solution to turn ADDBLUE off on it.
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post file
Tuning all cars egr dpf etc
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Depends what year, if 2016 or lower it should work
Tuning service! Stage 1-2-3, DPF OFF, EGR OFF.....
A free file will be a expensive file, it's not safe.
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2015. I knew that there is tricore. So i can read/write it via boot mode also. Now is the question - who can turn off adblue correctly, and how much it will cost. welcome to PM)
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Hi guys. Maybe somebody check, if the car have temperature sensor in tank of adblue ? If they have the solution for adblue off is simple. Smile
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I Have tested solution to Disable Adblue in CRD3S2. Pm if interested.
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