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water damaged toughbook cf-31 data recovery

hey guys

i dont like asking for help but i have no choice as am stuck
i have a water damaged toughbook cf-31 that mother board seems dead on,unit has been dried out and will power on but no display

no external display either or backlight

which is fine i have a new replacement that finally arrived due to corona causing major delays

but hard drive is locked /encrypted to hardware

is there any way of saving my data? what can i do?
unsure if just data in bios or has a tpm chip seperate etc
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update swapping bios chips worked to unlock the hdd,system seems to lag noo
so i guess to save relicensing soft ware etc i have to clone motherboard info such as serial,nic etc etc

any one have options?
i have both the old bios and the new to compare
any help would be great
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If hard drive is ENCRYPTED ....
Than BIOS replacement will not help ... Encryption made by tmp chip.

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thanks every one,now solved and have all data back

no  issue with all this time on my hands
thread can be closed
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