Full Version: VW Golf V 1.9, BKC 105, DSG - ecu mod + egr OFF
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Hello All,

Below is the original file from my wife car (daily car).

VW Golf V (2005) 1.9 TDI 105hp engine BKC + DSG gearbox.

I'm asking You for add some power and switch off the EGR (If You think is a good idea because now working well).

Please remember that this DSG gearbox who dosen't like NM curve as manual (please make NM curve a bit flat on low RPM).

Thank You
I wil make you perfect file later on,
Here your St1 , Enjoy,
If you still need here you go.
Stage 1+EGR off
(09-21-2016, 05:10 PM)psa auto Wrote: [ -> ]Here your St1 , Enjoy,
Hello , friend I have same problem, do you make help. Best Regard
Here you go. Pass PM