Full Version: VAG 1.2tdi bluemotion Delphi DCM3.7 CRACKED !
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Some companys in the Netherlands have cracked the VAG 1.2tdi bluemotion engines with Delphi DCM3.7

Somebody know how....????

They tell:
Possibilities:Chiptuning, DPF OFF and EGR OFF.
All modififications are in the software no emulators or boxes.
I can give 3 links from 3 different companies that offer this.
This looks interesting
yes Smile we know how Smile
Which companies can do This can you Give link
they have just removed the 'news' tap on the website
see this link.
it is the sales site Netherlands


Of course we have solution!
No problem Smile

My software engineer offers this for a while already. can do it in the netherlands, he use "his own" tool for it.


Explain please ? There is no one what can do this job on Delphi..
There is no "his own" tool Smile He using russian tool. There is no secrects about this ecu more then 4 mounth. Ask p.m.
own toolBig Grin very good
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