Full Version: w211 e320cdi om648: best flash tool?
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I'm trying to get started with at least reading the ecu in my car (edc16),

I've been playing around with winols and some files I found online

but I haven't bought a tool yet, does anyone have any advice on the

model/brand of tool I should buy, where to buy and do they need


edc16 ecus all tools make it safety (mpps.kess.galetto.byteshooter,cmd......)
If you play around first time, buy a tool that can do also BDM, oder buy two tools.

Make a full backup first BDM and then try what you want, with tool you want.

Clone or Ori Tools searched?
thanks for the replies,

I am looking for clone versions atm because I can't justify the €€€€ just yet Smile))

With that ecu, is there alot that can be done via OBD?
What do you mean with a lot can be done via obd?

You can make a partial read of the content stored in your ECU.
For full read, which mean backup, it´s not possible over Obd.
use mpps v13 v16 clone, good tool for this car MB and VAG EDC16

Correct me if im wrong after I retrieve the original ecu data via bdm (backup), next time I can flash the ecu through obd.

Example: Can I buy the mpps v13 or bdm100 or ktag to get the original file and then buy a kess v2 so I

dont have to remove the ecu everytime I want to flash it OR do I always go through bdm to make

No, BDM is only for safety.

With clones sometimes weird things happen. So IF something goes wrong during writing over OBD, then the ECU is "bricked".

You can read/write OBD without BDM. But for safety it´s good to have backup, instead you´re new in that and want to try some things, and you have no experience.

So in end effect it´s your choice.

You can buy Galletto V53 Clone, this can do OBD and also BDM.
Or buy ktag and kess set.
So READING data only through mpps shouldn't require a backup, only when writing, correct?

thanks again
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