Full Version: Ford focus 1.6 tdci 66kw DPF off file
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Does anyone has good ecu file with dpf off for this engine?

yes have some ready...but need org file to check
post original file here ..... is better way ..
yeah i can make it for you if you want mate
I just need some file that worked good from any focus 1.6. I would be very grateful for help.
you still havent posted your original file, or even ECU ID

so no body can help until you do
As I have said before, it does not matter. I just need any ecu file that is from 1.6 tdci focus with 90hp, and with fap filter disabled.
My original file and ecu id is not important
lol...i think in the future we wil have a new thread .. about 'please help i make a dpf off and my ford focus wont start ....
It is just for testing purposes, and nothing else.