Full Version: autodtc net is fake
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Hi to all.
I just need to tell all MHH members that this online service
is fake and don t use it because he lies and don t do nothing on that service because i send hem file to do EGR-DPF OFF but he change 2-3 hex numbers and making someone fool.
If i vase fool i let you know that you don t be next.
HF and GL to all .

EDIT sixcode

code your links, read the rules
Good to know that the file service has nothing to do with real tuning Tup. But what's about the ECU schematics? Have some one bought them? Are they worth the price or is it just another scum?
You have mistake...I have tried few times and all files are good,also I have make few files with swiftec and not work,send to and they maked working egr off file first attempt....your file maybe have switch and normally they maked only them....sometimes need only one swich to be all ok...