Full Version: VW Lupo FGR help needed
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Hi i got an Lupo 3L with FGR (Cruise Controle)

but i have enabled COWfun_FGR but i runs like ....
everytime the gearbox automatic changes gear it fucked up no torqe !

What am i doing wrong ?
you have tuned this car or no ??
No it is stock sw only FGR on "trying" Big Grin
you wont to remove fgr
No i need another way to enable FGR (Cruise Controle)
My method is not working perfect...

(06-05-2017, 02:06 AM)builes13 Wrote: [ -> ]you wont to remove fgr
ok you go to virifed the all program for your cars
What do you mean with, to verify the all program ? What am i missing ?
I only ask for someone who has a better solution for me !
I will offcourse pay for the help !
but i only need to get the Cruise Controle to work on gear changes, and resume !

I have uploaded both files for the project, one with Stock Software from VW and my try to enable Cruise Controle.

(06-05-2017, 02:22 AM)builes13 Wrote: [ -> ]ok you go to virifed the all program for your cars
you missing fgr