Full Version: BMW E70 OBD Flasher needed
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I own a 2013 BMW E70 X5M. Since some weeks I have strange acceleration problems. Random misfires, no errorcodes, just random misfire cylinder 1 to 8. I already changed sparks, ignition coils and high pressure fuel pump.

I need a working obd flasher for this car. It's just for private use to save modified software and to write original software back to find the error.

Any recommendation? New Kess clone is working? Need a clone, is just for private.

I don't want to do it on bench!

Thank you!
partsnummber of your ecu?
were is no toll wich can do your car over obd port.

only in boot mode.

were are your from in germany?
I know that CMD Flash can do it by ODB since some years, thought that others are able to do it too. Vehicle is listed in DIMSports NewGenius. But both are not as clones availabe.

Yes, I'm from Germany.

BMW Partnumber is 12148603842
were are you located in germany?

kess v2 kann es auch per obd machen

the injector make very often probme on this cars
(die injektoren sind meist das problem)
da gibt es eine neue generation.dann müssen aber alle gleich neu rein.da die alten und neuen
nicht mischbar sind)

were is a new injector generation.but is not compartible with the old one.
so need replace it.(all)

make picture wich injector are in your car.
Northern Germany, near Bremen.

Do you have a good source where to buy the latest kess v2?

Can I make a picture of the injector without removing them?
yes you can make the pictures.

kess v2 eu clone.
or find some one from forum near to you.

im from germany (baden würtemberg)
Not possible to make a useful picture without removing all kind of stuff, the injector directly located underneath the shaft from the ignition coil.
this is comon problem on newer bmw petrol engines.
I change all injectors, spark plugs and coils, check high pressure pumps and change them also if no satisfied with the result, make software update and clear/do all adaptions afterwards. Sometimes crankcase ventilation is faulty. Sometimes timing chain/vanos problems (especially on 2008-2012).
Also like on all direct injection engines: intake valve carbonization.
I have done some of those s63/n63 engines.

Injectors have to be -11 series or newer.
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