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I have problem with kess and EDC16C39 which I tried to write tuned file on ECU. Ksuite say Checksum error writing buffer.
What could be the problem
Thank you
if its loads original then its chksum problem normally
I tried with original file to write it back, but same error, cant write it. Problems with kess ?
friend of mine tried his clone on a galaxy the other week and wouldnt read but works on most .. sometimes it dosnt work thats why its worth having a back reader like fgtech or mpps
I read with kess clone with no problems, but writing seems has to have some problems. I have galletto, but if I read with kess I have to write with kess back or is it possible to write it back with galletto or ktag maybe ?
do not mix up reading with different method (obd vs bdm/boot).

in some case you CAN write a file that was readed with another tool. on edc16c39 should not be an issue.

if you post your files someone can check Wink
likely you do not have c++ installed on laptop
mostly files that are read by different devices are different,so they must be written with the same type of device.

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For Fiat/Alfa edc16c8 and edc16c39 I use always mpps and never had problems.
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