Full Version: protecting maps
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Hi guys, is there a way of hiding my name or a word or sequence of numbers on a .bin file to know if it's mine, without affecting the ecu for sort of copy protection
search for a no read tag

use same principle, but instead of no read add your name
ok ive seen that, does it have to go in the same spot or can it be anywhere in an unused area
better same spot, there are a few areas without checksum.
you can use Sign hexdump in winols, add text invisible to other companies
But I think only genuine Winols can do it.
I like the idea but I don‘t use it.
Somebody who needs to clone your maps has no genuine winols.
Clone Winols or all other editing tools, don‘t care about this signature and the „NOREAD-Tag“ is removed in one minute with notepad++
So if you really need copy protection, best thing would be spiderboot from flashtec.

i dont see the point in "no-read" or any other watermark the only people that actually have the right to lock it down are the originaters of the software ie bosch, delphi,siemens etc.
i would have thought once you have sold a mod file the customer has the rights to it as he paid for it.
just my thoughts..
do you think the tuner owns the rights to a mod file they created? grey area Smile
Rights to what, 20% to duration map Smile I think main reason why they want to protect mod file is to hide what bullshit they sold to customer.