Full Version: messed up issue with pd150 need help big time
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guys i done a job for a Romanian who pimps and basically i try to be smart to use a file not meant for ecu now hes having trouble hes going to pimp me out

i said i can fix it..

so i paid for a file to sort out the issues and it made the car faster but hes still got problems.

the story is that the car is a VW golf mk4 PD150 with a turbo from a Q7 on it.

ori i read off his car is 038906019HH (already tuned file) but i flashed with a 038906019KG which was for a hybrid turbo. but since i flashed it the abs light come on, the car poor on fuel and it go into limp mode and engine light comes on after 50 miles or so. he is not happy at all so i turn to my faithful mhhauto family to save my ass on this 1.

i already offer to put back to stock and refund but he say i waste his time and car is slow with the turbo being limited to stock revs as its big.

what i ask if someone who knows what they doing (because i have no idea only edc15 suite) to make 038906019HH file attached rev to 5200 rpm and i will play with file in edc15 suite and try my best to make it at least so it wont go into limp mode or some one just tune file for big turbo so i can close the book on this situation which should have ended weeks ago!

car has 4 bar map sensor front mount and q7 big turbo

much love and happy new year!
have to say this made me chuckle mr 20V specialist

hope you get it sorted, maybe i have some lube which may help in mean time?
Witch dtc you have ?

And about abs light, check if ecu coding is the same, if not, you can change it easy, or recode the 19 can gateway..

What injectors he have ?

VNT actuator converted to vacuum is 100% oke ? If not, engine running never as he should be..
BigT in TDI witout any logs ? Good luck. And one more - why 4 bar MAP with ori injectors AL I mean ? No need to give more than 1.8 bar I think.
timing belt snapped

good bye people

i give you good rate on 30 mins session in the back alley Sad

thank for your help over the years
(01-10-2018, 12:30 AM)ck6uk Wrote: [ -> ]timing belt snapped

good bye people

i give you good rate on 30 mins session in the back alley Sad

thank for your help over the years

Woww, it can happens.. need to be strong in this moment... hard to say that but keep head on your shoulder, maybe not your fault.
he didnt blame me he bought me his new car and i tuned it hes very happy this time because i learnt how to make over the last year - thank you again guys!!