Full Version: remove limp home mode edc16c9
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hi does anyone know how to turn limp home mode off on a opel astra 1.7cdti or what bytes the limp home mode is located at
thanks in advance
why remove limp mode? Post ori file
where doing test with different fuels on the bench dyno but as soon as we do anything the engine goes into limp mode
heres the file ive been playing with ive turned some codes p0340 and another cant remember which off but don't have a clue with limp home. im not sure how to post files so heres my rapidlink
thanks in advance

when I tried to attach the bin file it says not allowed?
use winrar and upload ori and mod file
i think problem is in tuned file, not in limp mode torque limiter
hi heres the ori file keep me posted

i still need limp home removed for the bench dyno everytime i adjust something to do with fueling the dam thing shuts down
try and let me know, pass in PM
hi the engine now rpm limits at 3700 and limits like a petrol engine bounces is that correct?