Full Version: Need Stage 1 for 2.0 tdi 16v Siemens PPD 1.1
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Hy guys! I need stage 1 for this audi a3 2.0 16v tdi BMN Quattro Siemens PPD 1.1!
Give thanks + rep !

Thank you for your time !
Here your requested file.
Take in account that your software which remove DPF and EGR erased for you 50% of DTC table !!!
Pass in PM !
can anyone help me ?
(06-14-2018, 12:03 PM)crazy_dj_george Wrote: [ -> ]can anyone help me ?

I can make if you need contact me
if you need good dpf egr and stage 1 contact me by PM!
DPF EGR OFF, Hotstart OK

Stage 1