Full Version: Need help with safe mode
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Hi guys,

Mitsubishi Colt 1500cc Turbo 2006 model
After remap, we get these 2 fault code. Vehicle is driven well. At first it was getting in safe mode after some runs. Then we calibrated TPS via diagnostic (automatic calibration) and everything looked fine but after 2 days we got safe mode again.

These are the fault codes. Both related to TPS:
P0122 and P1961

Any ideas?

They told me that I had to recalibrate TPS manually but putting ignition on and go full throttle. Is that correct?

Thank you in advance

I am stuck. Any suggestions will help
Today, after 2 days without any limp mode or fault codes we got P1963 (instead of P0122 and P1961). I think that the TPS is gone and need to be replaced but I see that P1963 relates to MAP sensor as well and to Camshaft synchronization fault. Any ideas what can cause this limp mode will be much appreciated. Thank you