Full Version: Help with ME7.6.2
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Good evening, 

i am just after a bit of advice with my vxr file and if i am using the right damos or does someone have the right damos i need? and some help with how to add pop and bang into the map

HW: 0261201237

SW: 1037382347

Cheers Luke
hey check that one maybe it will help you

if not ! delete that ! Smile
thanks i will try when i get home
Try this and report Tup
i am struggling to understand this as nothing seems to look right what am i doing wrong? am i putting the offset in wrong?

cheers luke
Hi luke ,

please let me know if you manage to get the offset working im currently battling with the same problem
hi yes iv been bashing my head looking at it for quite a while giving up then coming back to it lol