Full Version: edc17cp24 anomaly after flash?
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Have anyone ever experienced several malfunction after flashing?
Audi a8 2011 4,2 tdi bosch edc17cp24 (ori and flaps off maps attached)
Afte flash flap dtc p201500 stays in?!

Also after flash:
esp button not active any more (esp working) - no dtc
Horn is now working - no dtc 
Headlight range defective dtc

Codings in several modules and adaptations seems to be lost.
Ecu was read and flashed in bench with ktag.
have you tried coding original back first
Did you mod both ECUs ?
Yes - full restore. Still same Sad
(01-14-2019, 05:22 PM)remteh Wrote: [ -> ]Yes - full restore. Still same Sad
good question did you mod both ecus there are 2 ecus for that model  one is slave and one is master 
post long codings of ecu 

{vcds}  {odis}

also did you disconnect battery before removal of ecu