Full Version: trouble with Siemens PCR 2.1 ECU
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pherhaps anyone can help,

i did unlock with Kess include correct resistor´s from manual
in ID unlock was okay.

then i read Flash and all is fine.

i wrote back tuned file with correct cks on bench "without tricore and else"  at 100% Kess says "error while writing".  Same with ori

i wrote back ori EEprom from backup and do unlock again. try to write Flash and same error.

anybody knows what ist wrong ? with vcds and Kess i just can see HW Number.  i alwas can write again, think ECU is noch dead
How do you read your original file?
Try write file without checksums corrected and let the tool do the checksum.. this Ecu i always do like this : using KESS 5.017

1.Read original file via OBD
2.Remove ECU
3.Connect BDM ADAPTER + Unlock Eeprom
4.Reconnect ECU in car , start car.
5.Flash tuned file without Checksums.

Make sure voltage is above 13v

Once i flashed a PCR 2.1 and battery died. I Recovered with Ori file + KESS 5.017.
put ecu on car and write via obd......maybe immo blocked write
You need to write it thru OBD, you can write a frf file to recover
Many many thanks.

I will try obd.

I use kess v2 5.017 eu

I have bdm adapter for pcm. If I have to write ori eeprom again.

Can I write frf file with Kess ?
you can't write frf file with Kess, use Odis or Vagcan pro for rfr,

can you upload your ori file here
and try with unlocked eeprom make RECOVERY in kess
Did you do ID Check if the ecu is unlocked before you wrote the file?
Ecu is unlocked in id.

Ori file is 03L906023ME_9978

Anyone has frf file ?
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