Full Version: EGR switch off BMW 740d e38
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Hello, can you help me? I need egr off,

Interested in damos, or at least address switch EGR

Thanks for all
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Then ask
Role !!!!Read
(08-25-2014, 09:39 AM)robert02500 Wrote: [ -> ]Mr
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Then ask
Role !!!!Read

Thanks for the direction. Corrected. And now you are on the case and without unnecessary emotions?
253E FUN-S mit/ohne (1/0) Abgasrueckfuehrung
I think-02545?

253E FUN-S MIT / Ohne (1/0) Abgasrueckfuehrung - have you the damos for this ecu?

Teammate asked to correct EGR, but sent only this file. I know that there are two blocks and accordingly should be two files. Or to disable EGR enough to correct signatures and switch in a single file? As I understand this file from the master
EGR switch off 0253e!