Full Version: grand vitara 2001 110ps 2.0hdi edc15c2
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Can anybody please identify my rail pressure map axis' from the file attached. At the moment I don't know what my rail map is calibrated too and without this I cant tune this properly. Thanks.
Also as I'm not too familiar with common rail but rather PD motors anyone got a stage 1 file for this dw10ated Peugeot motor.
Nobody got a map list or tuned file so I can make sure i'm doing things right. I have remapped the file but car doesnt feel much quicker. I have altered the two fuel temp iq limiters, main torque limiter, smoke map, raised boost, increased rail pressure etc but not much of an improvement with 18% more fuelling at 2000rpm and 24% at 4000 rpm. have I missed something also turbo is spooling faster and i get what i request which is 2.15bar. Any help?

Forgot to say obviously i have altered drivers wish etc was just naming the iq limiters.