Full Version: help please injection problem
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hi all,
i have a Santa fee 2008 2.2 diesel and is smokey like hell from the minute when you started till you switch the engine off.
i did everything what i was thinking will cause that smoke
-egr off
i even got another santa fee in, same engine same car and start changing parts like,turbo,high pressure pump and much more.
then i whent on live data and got some readings from fuel quantity,mass air flow per cylinder,rail pressure. and all of them on my car are 20-30% bigger values then the one which is driving fine.
now i was thinking if i put the files of both cars here can someone help me and try to give the values from the (driving fine car) to my one which is smokey?(of course not for free).
maybe this will cure the problem.
or if you boys have any idea i am willing to listen.
thanks a mill
you need new file ( or new ecu ) in which you need to do immo off and egr off and dpf off. I may be wrong
You did egr off but did you blank the egr?
Yes,egr is blank
Hi there.

What's the smoke's color?

Did you check injectors? Intake leaks?
Sorry forgot to specific up there got all injectors checked at a specialist, he said they are all good, i din't trust him so i went and bought 2 brand new from main dealer. Still nothing. Smoke color is silver-black

No intake leakes and no faults