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Hi I'm wondering if someone can help me with how to put a 2004 700 smart fortwo ecu into boot mode?
And ecu is ...?
MEG 1.x I think
(02-09-2016, 12:10 AM)nanant Wrote: [ -> ]MEG 1.x I think

This is the pinout of the smart meg.

Open ecu and connect on a bench. Click on read flash.
When your software tells you to enter bootmode, switch ecu off, connect the bot pin in flash chip to gnd and switch it on again.
When read has started, you can remove the gnd bridge to bootpin as it's only checked by ecu at bootup.
Thank you :-) What software and equipment would you recommend to do this ?
Galletto 1260
What about dl16 to single wire connectors?

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(02-10-2016, 03:02 AM)aidycox Wrote: [ -> ]What about dl16 to single wire connectors?

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[Image: 7461872a81aae0b6a24a4e2d0528178e.jpg]

Would this be the correct connections ? Am I right in saying I only need the +12v -12v and k-line ?

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Yes, you only need +12, GND and K-line for galletto.
Hi I have been trying to get my ecu into boot mode but for some reason it's not doing it. I have it wired up as follows +12v to dl16 and pin 114, +12v through a switch on pins 103 and 108, gnd to dl16 and on pin 121, k-line to pin 110. Soldered wire to pin 24 of the chip and connected to gnd through a switch. When asked on galletto to switch off and connect pin 24 and then switch back on again it doesn't go into boot mode. Does anyone have any suggestions please ?
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