Full Version: Rate My Tune
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Hi mates!

If someone would take a look and compare my tune file, i would be very thankful.
It is an W164 Facelift 280CDI with Stage 2.
Car is running good and i don't felt abnormal things.
But, this is one of my first cars and i just want to play safe ;-) Handshake
Ok i had quick look
I think duration is quit high +14% and up to 20% can kill injectors and dpf soon you can go higher on this one instead 1AA828 single rail pressure limiter left at 1600 mBar rail pressure map 16800
I dont think there is any point to change gear torque its too high already
Thank you man.
If you have time, maybe you can correct it, that i can take a look and compare with my "work"?