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Here, offers VIP price for all members at

Save a lot (6% off) and Quality guaranteed

Top 3 HOT tools at obd2express:
Ford VCM II clone with IDS 98 (wifi version)

VXDIAG VCX NANO for IDS Ford V98 and Mazda V98 2 in 1

MB SD connect C4 + 256GB SSD Software + Dell D630

populous tools above are of the best quality and with the best customer feedback

go to POST #5 to learn how to buy
Kim. 6% can not be described as a lot, or a big discount.

In the UK it is not unusual to see promotional discounts of 35%-50%.

Every Chinese seller will give 6% coupon if you ask. It has been normal practice for many years.

As a matter of interest who do you work for Kim? I have seen you promote different Chinese sellers here, not just one. Smile
6% off is after the sales price
diagnostix: right...every chinese sellers give the 7 or 8 % discount too, is only enough to ask about it...Listen every days, weeks, months or years

kim1980: when you sure will offer some discount for MHH users, then is on the place begin at 15, 20 or 25% discount Listen everything what is lower is useless to read it Fing20
6% is ridicule to all MHH users... Itwasntme and as VIP ???Lipssealed
6% off is after the sales price on the web is for all MHH users

go to

then buy items according to the attached file
You still have not told us who you work for Kim. You promote several different Chinese sites here.

Are they all owned by your employer? Or do you work for factory?

I ask you this purely out of curiosity and I have no problem at all with Chinese sellers being members of this forum.
i am a shop keeper working for a physical shop for cars diagnostics, mainly from different Chinese sites

i sometimes promote items when the vendor give me a big discount or good feedback from my customers

no other relationship with them...
good price for vvdi2 full?
Hey Kim, can you tell me which power cable for 110 Volts does the VVDI Prog require?

I mixed up my power cables and don't want to plug in the wrong one.

How many volts + amps?
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