Full Version: Tool for read edc17c54 and remove speed limit
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Hi ,
Today i have try to read ecu from 2012 VW Crafter with edc17c54,
not work with kess and k-tag clone in boot (ecu not recognized)

I think to buy new tool , my kess have Firmware 4.036
and ktag V3.099, i have use k-suite v2.06 And 2.10 same problem,

With witch clone can i read correctly this ecu ?
or reflash nxp of my kess can work ?

I have galletto v54 but not try, i think same problem with him and not like this tool...

And need to know how to remove speed limit at 160 Kmh please

I'm using MagPro X17 for dpf off via OBD port and no problem occurred. Also I did this with original MPSS. Check the list of clone MPSS and if available buy clone MPSS
Speed Limit you can change with VAS / ODIS on this Vehicle with EDC17c54
dont try can only set it lower.not higher.